How to wear… Noa Noa Contrast Cardigan.


We are showing off the Noa Noa Contrast Cardigan today. It is a light knit navy and grey cardigan with a viscose polka dot printed back.

Below we have it pictured with all Noa Noa Button detail pant, white tee, Suede booties  and driving gloves.


Pictured Below we have paired the cardigan with Noa Noa Navy/grey Knit dress with cable knit yoke detail. These two work as a casual two piece. Noa Noa umbrella also featured.


Worn below here as a scarf. The viscose polka dot contrast really lends itself to being worn in different ways. Cant do that with a plain cardi 😉


Hopefully you have enjoyed this more casual feature today please phone or comment for more details.

Have a great week!


Mrs. P.


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